Friday, September 7, 2012

What a Deal.....

Don't you love a good deal?
I am all about the sales like I have said before.... however, I am a little picky when it comes to the sale rack.
Anything over $10.00 forget about it.. that's not on sale.
Don't you hate those stores where they say that everything is 50% off but what the actual retail price is it's not even worth that much nor is it at the sale price.
Yes, I have my stores where I don't even go into because of that reason..... so frustrating. Give me a real sale people!
Target is one of my top favorites but also one of those stores where if its not under $10 its not on sale.
My favorite types of sale items are those ones where you would never buy it even for $5 but when the fabric of the item cost more then what they are asking for it then you just have to buy it and find a way to make it work.
Just like I did this week.....

The other day I was at old navy exchanging a pair of shoes I got Hadlee because they next day they went 40% off {don't ya hate that} when I decided to skim through the sale rack. And wabaam.... a price tag was sticking out that said
$.47... yes that is 47 CENTS people.
I had to see what ugly/notworthanything/unwanted item this was. As I dug deep in the tightly packed sale rack clothes I pull out this dress.
{Dress:Old Navy, Top:Nordstroms Rack,Shoes:Old Navy,Bracelet:Touch Piece,Necklace:Boutique,Hat:Nordstrom} 

Of course I had to get it because really this material would have cost me more at Joannes then this dress was costing me. I figure it wasn't too bad and that I can make it work.

Not to shabby...... I secretly love it.
I hope your deal shopping was as successful as mine was.

Also I can't forget.....
One of my good friends from work was wearing a super cute/comfy looking romper the other day and when I asked her where she got it the first words out of her mouth where, "It was $7"
Steal of a deal, gotta love them!


  1. I love deals like this!! .47 for a dress, you really cannot beat that...did they have any left?? :)

  2. I wish they did.... I probably would have bought them all to give away for Christmas gifts... ha ha jk


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