Thursday, September 13, 2012

{guest post} Something brought you here.....

Hey guys! 
 I am still out of town {come home late tonight} which I can't wait. I miss Pete and Hadlee way too much! However, New York has been a blast. Shopping here is amazing which is always a plus can't wait to show you all my great finds! Today I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite blogs. I have known Whitney since jr. High and just love her. I have grown to love her sister-in-law just as much from reading their blog. It's a one stop blog, it has everything from fashion, recipes, crafts, and just their silly life's. Hope you guys will check it out I am sure you'll fall just as in love with them as I am!
Hello there! Fancy meeting you guys here on Ms. Mallory's gorgeous fashion blog! Seriously, this girls got style. Anyway, We are Whitney & Nicole from Something Brought You Here.  We are two sister(s) in law who one day decided it might be fun to start a blog together, so we did. Whitney is a stay at home mom to the {cutest} little girl and Nicole is a dental hygiene assistant by day and hopeless romantic by night. Thanks to Mal for letting us guest post for her today. We thought we would share with you our tips on how to have a good relationship with your sister in law.

#1- Let Loose, laugh alot, be silly oh- and always do a "jumping" picture on every family vacation.

#2- Be there to cheer eachother on.

#3- Have Birthdays that are only 3 days apart.

#4- Share the good and the bad.

Good=Yummy Watermelon from the Farmers Market           Bad=Double Salt Black Licorice
 #5-  Have girls day out, craft nights, & sleepovers together where you stay up late watching The Vampire Diaries.

After all that you should feel more like sisters than sisters in law. If these tips don't help you out we aren't sure what will. Ok, one last tip:

Start a blog together and love every minute of it:

Whitney & Nicole

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