Monday, September 17, 2012

{Monday Challenge} Grandma would be proud......

So I guess this means that Monday is back!
Why can't it just be the weekend all the time?
I wish.
I guess one of the only reasons I look forward to Monday's for is for a new challenge and something to get me thinking and explore my wardrobe in a different way. 
Back to week one I made the challenge to explore that "other" side of the closet which to my surprise wasn't all that bad. 
Well there is another closet we should be thinking about. I am sure we all have grandparents or at least know a grandma right?
Sometime we might think of things we may inherit when they pass away. My grandma just recently moved into a smaller place so we did some major cleaning and got ride of stuff. I was given a old  typewriter and some dishes{which I am in love with}. My mom was in charge of cleaning out her room and I noticed 5 large garbage sacks sitting on the porch for the D.I to pick up. I decided to look through them thinking that there may be something I may want to put in our Halloween Costume box. Oh but don't you worry I found some gems that weren't just going in the costume box they were going in my closet. Most of the items I need to either make smaller or fix them up a little but why not. Who says Grandma's don't have style.
My goal this week is to either fix one of those items up or just make them work. I challenge you to do the same, if not your Grandma then maybe your moms!
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P.S If you haven't checked out THIS fashion blog... YOU MUST!

Happy Monday!

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  1. What an awesome goal! I can't wait to see what you do!!
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