Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY boyfriend shorts......

Sorry, I am a little late but I was having too much fun at Swiss Days and no Internet connection! 
If you missed out on the challenger you can find it HERE!

Like I mentioned before I don't sew, my plan was to learn but that is going to take longer then a week so I had to come up with something that didn't require a sewing machine.
I absolutely love boyfriend jeans, not only are they so comfy they are so cute and easy to dress up or down.
I decided to make my own boyfriend (in my case husband) shorts.
They were so easy and not to mention so comfy!
I am lucky {don't know if you would call it lucky} that my husband is about the same size as me because it only took a couple notches tighter on a belt to keep them from falling down.
1 pair of husbands old jeans.
Try then on and mark them just below the knee.
Cut them.
Fold them once or twice.
There you have high waisted boyfriend shorts!


  1. I love this Mal, I didn't know you had this up until last night! So cute, I need to be a better blogger and follow your and Kals fashions blogs. I have the most fashionable friends ever! Too bad I could never fit into Trev's jeans... maybe on day :) haha

  2. Way cute! What did you do about the waist? Just wear a belt? I need to try this.


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