Friday, September 21, 2012

Grandma's got style.....

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 All I got to say is why am I just discovering my Grandma's Closet. Now don't worry, I did just go take these from her. All items were in garbage sacks ready to go to the D.I {which makes me kind of want to start shopping at the D.I}. These, plus a couple of other items I haven't decided what to do with yet caught my eye. Both of these items were screaming "GRANDMA" at me for one reasons. SHOULDER PADS! Now I know that shoulder pads are coming back in, I even have some blazers that have them, even those scream "GRANDMA" when I put them on. It gives me a good laugh! I remember trying on my moms clothes as a little girl and wondering what in the world are this huge puffy things they put on the shoulders and why? Well, they are back in style, so embrace them!
Anyways, these are two of the items I have inherited from my Grandma. When she found out that I went searching through her garbage bags of unwanted clothes she was so excited and made sure to tell me a story behind each items. Which gave the blue blouse more meaning to me since it was picked out by my Grandpa one of the last Christmas's he was alive.
The green blazer I am just in love with because of the style and color. {Green has been my color lately}. I did have to take in each item a little to make it fit but nothing too big.
I hope this challenge made someone else other then myself think of way to be creative with something you never gave a thought to try.
{Outfit #1}
Clutch: Tory Burch
Watch:Michael Kors
Bracelets:Gift from Husband, Century 21,

{Outfit #2}
Shoes:Tory Burch
Necklace:Down East
Purse: Urban Expressions


  1. SERIOUSLY? Those are your grandma's? So cute you would never know, looks like something you could go out and buy today!

  2. That is amazing!! I wanna go up to my grandmas tomorrow & see what she's got!! I already know I'm in love with her jewelry. LOVE the green jacket on you!!
    xo, amy

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  4. Amazing outfits! Love the green jacket! :)


  5. new[est] follower. I'm pretty sure I have just spent the past 40 minutes reading these it!!!

    stop by sometime!


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