Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hello Bump!.....

Dress: Old Navy // Sweater: Old Navy // Boots: Dolce Vita via Dillards // Scarf: Madewell 

To my follower that don't follow me on any other social media.... Surprise I am pregnant. AND it's a GIRL!!!
We are beyond excited and can't wait for August to get here. I am 18 weeks and so excited my little bump decided to make its appearance so that I can start dressing it up!!

Hope you having a great weekend!

Monday, January 23, 2017

One Shirt, Worn Two Ways.....

Shirt: Target // Skirt: Old Navy // Tights: J.Crew // Heels: Vince Camuto // Jeans: J. Crew // Vest: Old Navy // Boots: Sorel

My favorite pieces in my closet are those items are are versatile. It's harder for me to spend money on things that I know can only be worn one way rather then something that can be dressed up or dressed down and can be worn multiple ways and for different seasons.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Winter Casual......

Jeans: Target // Blouse: J. Crew // Sweater: J. Crew // Hat: TJ Maxx // Shoes: Sperry's

I believe I have said this before.... I am obsessed with hats. Wearing a hat means I can either get away with not washing my greasy hair for another few days or covering up a bad hair day. I have been finding the cutest ones lately which makes me so happy. If you don't have one, get one! It cuts your get ready time in half!!

Hope that you guys had a great week and are ready for the weekend!
This weekend we are celebrating my husbands birthday and I could't be more excited. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bring on the Winter Weather...

Jeans: JOE'S Jeans // Button Up: Nordstroms // Scarf: I made it! Shoes: Lucky Brand // Watch: Daniel Wellington

We finally got our first snow storm last week. The snow didn't excite me like it did a lot of people but getting to officially wear my boots and scarfs without dripping in sweat got me excited. I will admit, if I went without snow over the holidays I would be a little sad. So I have prepared myself and ready or not.... here some the snowy, cold months!

Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Weekend...

Jeans: Target // Sweater: H&M // Jacket: TJ Maxx // Boots: Nordstroms Rack // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Happy Halloween weekend! This is one of my favorite holidays and we don't just celebrate one day, we celebrate it ALL 31 days! We have done so many fun activities this month and I don't want it to end. This Pumpkin patch was one of our favorites. Good think pumpkins stick around during November cause I am not ready to say goodbye.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mixing Fall Patterns......

Jeans: J Crew // Tee: H&M // Button Up: Shop Stevie Shoes: Old Navy (Similar HERE) // Watch:Micheal Kors 

Whether its stripes, plaids, polka dots, solids, or any other favorite patterns, DON'T be afraid to mix and match them. They all go together in my opinion!  

Hope you guys are having a great week... it's almost the weekend!