Friday, September 28, 2012

Behind the machine......

Well there ya have it...
I got behind the sewing machine
Of course my mom had to get it started for me but hey I pushed the pedal down and sewed the straight line.... got to start somewhere right?
I am pleased with my outcome of my circle scarf.
So easy you guys give it a try.
-Buy a yard of fabric{Not exactly sure what kind this is but it has a stretch to it}
-Sew up the two ends
and there ya have it, a circle scarf!

Pants: Old Navy
Rain Boots: Target
Leg warmers:Target {Very Old}
Scarf:Made by Me
Happy Friday!
Be back next week!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Are these real glasses? NO
 Do I need Glasses? Yes
 Do I wear glasses anyways?yup,obviously 
I always wanted glasses when I was younger, now that I actually need then who knows why I don't have real ones. Probably because I feel like if I spend that kind of money on glasses I better be wearing them everyday which I kind of just like to wear them sometimes to spice up an outfit!
Anyways, cheers to my first day wearing boots this fall!
Bring on that chill, crisp, fall weather!

Boots: Vince Camuto
Purse:Tory Burch
Bracelets:Target, unknown

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


While in the dressing room trying on these pants {husband wanted to sit down so came in with me} He says, "Please don't buy those pants"
So what do I do.... buy them!
Not to mention they were marked down from $30 to $7)
Who can pass that up and.... they were the last ones, weren't my size, but took them in a little and for $7 bucks made it work!
I love them!
Pants: Old Navy ($7.00)
Tee: Nordstroms Rack
Flip Flops: Old Navy
Ring:So Good

Monday, September 24, 2012

The "it" color of the season + Challenge......

Another Monday it is! 
Last Monday of September, and first Monday of Fall. 
Can't believe next week is October.... favorite month,birthday month, Halloween month! 
This weekend we {I} finally decided our Halloween costumes. Now the hard part is creating them which I always seem to leave to the last minute. My goal is to get them done by Oct 15th! Hold me to it!
Anyways, Its time for a challenge!
Don't get too excited because this week is a repeat! I know, how lame! 
But I have been needing an excuse to make something that has been on my "to-do" forever and so lets hope this challenge makes it happen. So that being said, this weeks Challenge is:
And Ladies {and Gentlemen} I will be behind the sewing machine for this one so watch out!

And just for fun here is an outfit post just because I will be slacking these next two week from being out of town!
Pants: H&M
Top: H&M
Shoes:Vince Camuto
Hat: Nordstroms
Purse:Urban Expression
Necklace: F21
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Gift from husband, Century 21

Ok, so if you haven't heard, burgundy is the "it" color this fall.  It is everywhere and I am in love with it. It's something fun and edgy. Not to mention I am loving the coated denim that I am seeing everywhere. I decided to to pair it with a bright color to keep some fun in it!

P.S don't worry, minutes ago I was chasing Hadlee around at Jungle Jim's in flip flops.... I would have face planted it with these suckers on!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last touch of summer.......

Top: H&M
Hat:Fanzz {Old}
Watch: D&G
Necklaces: So Good

Last week I tried to fit in all my last wears on my summer clothes. With today being the first day of Fall I knew it was about time to pack them all up! Even though I am excited to bring out the fall clothes, a little sad to put away my summer stuff. Nothing like throwing on some shorts, tennies & a hat when you don't really feel like thinking about what to wear. 
So If you haven't worn you favorite shorts one last time you might want to squeeze them in before the weather start to get chill!
Happy Fall!

Love ya so much

Friday, September 21, 2012

Grandma's got style.....

If you are just tuning in and missed what this weeks challenge was then click 
 All I got to say is why am I just discovering my Grandma's Closet. Now don't worry, I did just go take these from her. All items were in garbage sacks ready to go to the D.I {which makes me kind of want to start shopping at the D.I}. These, plus a couple of other items I haven't decided what to do with yet caught my eye. Both of these items were screaming "GRANDMA" at me for one reasons. SHOULDER PADS! Now I know that shoulder pads are coming back in, I even have some blazers that have them, even those scream "GRANDMA" when I put them on. It gives me a good laugh! I remember trying on my moms clothes as a little girl and wondering what in the world are this huge puffy things they put on the shoulders and why? Well, they are back in style, so embrace them!
Anyways, these are two of the items I have inherited from my Grandma. When she found out that I went searching through her garbage bags of unwanted clothes she was so excited and made sure to tell me a story behind each items. Which gave the blue blouse more meaning to me since it was picked out by my Grandpa one of the last Christmas's he was alive.
The green blazer I am just in love with because of the style and color. {Green has been my color lately}. I did have to take in each item a little to make it fit but nothing too big.
I hope this challenge made someone else other then myself think of way to be creative with something you never gave a thought to try.
{Outfit #1}
Clutch: Tory Burch
Watch:Michael Kors
Bracelets:Gift from Husband, Century 21,

{Outfit #2}
Shoes:Tory Burch
Necklace:Down East
Purse: Urban Expressions

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who says.....

Top{s}: J Crew {Button Up}, Old Navy
Pants: Michael Kors
Belt: Michael Kors
Shoes: Unknown{Random store in AZ}
Necklace: F21
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets:gift from husband

 There is many reason why I love fall one of those being that you get to pull out your sweaters, boots and layer up! 
Lately I have been crushing on all the heart patterns! I over heard a lady at the store saying to her friend, " I can't pull off the whole heart thing" I wanted to jump into their conversation and say, WHY NOT? Really, who says that you can't pull off a certain trend? Only yourself is saying that. Try something new, you never know until you try. The main thing is to be confident! 
I challenge you all to do so!

And don't forget to check back tomorrow to see what fabulous gems I inherited from my Grandma!

Peace out

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Long day in the city....

Skirt: Old Navy 
Top: Old Navy
Flip Flops:Old Navy
Necklaces: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets:Banana Republic, Boutique

{I promise I don't just shop at Old Navy, but like I mentioned I have been a little obsessed with their new season}

My New York trip was everything but relaxing which I intended it to be. Since my parents where only there for a day and a half we had to fit everything in before they left. Which may be the reason my feet look swollen in this picture {I hope they are swollen and they normally don't look like that}. This was the perfect outfit for our day full of jumping on and off subways, walking miles and miles, and of course changing from one thing to the next in the dressing rooms.
 I am a {little} obsessed with these cotton pencil skirts. Never thought a skirt could be so comfy I always look at skirts as being something to dress up with heels or classy flats. But I decided to pair it with a fun polka dot chambray top and some flip flops.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 17, 2012

{Monday Challenge} Grandma would be proud......

So I guess this means that Monday is back!
Why can't it just be the weekend all the time?
I wish.
I guess one of the only reasons I look forward to Monday's for is for a new challenge and something to get me thinking and explore my wardrobe in a different way. 
Back to week one I made the challenge to explore that "other" side of the closet which to my surprise wasn't all that bad. 
Well there is another closet we should be thinking about. I am sure we all have grandparents or at least know a grandma right?
Sometime we might think of things we may inherit when they pass away. My grandma just recently moved into a smaller place so we did some major cleaning and got ride of stuff. I was given a old  typewriter and some dishes{which I am in love with}. My mom was in charge of cleaning out her room and I noticed 5 large garbage sacks sitting on the porch for the D.I to pick up. I decided to look through them thinking that there may be something I may want to put in our Halloween Costume box. Oh but don't you worry I found some gems that weren't just going in the costume box they were going in my closet. Most of the items I need to either make smaller or fix them up a little but why not. Who says Grandma's don't have style.
My goal this week is to either fix one of those items up or just make them work. I challenge you to do the same, if not your Grandma then maybe your moms!
{Image found via google}

P.S If you haven't checked out THIS fashion blog... YOU MUST!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 1 in NYC......

Pants: Windsor
Top: Zara
Shoes: Tory Burch
Scarf: Souvenir from Paris
Watch: Guess
Bracelets: Banana Republic
Sunnies: F21
{Left my wedding ring at home so I had to find a replacement} 

First we have got to talk about these pants {more like leggings}. They are the most comfy things ever & they have polka dots.... what more do we want! 
Second: We are back from camping and I am so excited to get to sleep in my own bed.... no better feeling!
New York was a perfect short trip. I always said that I was a city girl but I am not quite sure about that anymore. There is just way too many people, however, its a great place for vacation especially shopping. 
Since my good friend Lisa who I was there with had to work during the day my parents decided to come along just for the day which I am so glad they did.
Surprisingly enough my dad is one of the favorite shopping buddies.... he never stops! 
I hope you guys all had a great week!
 Check back tomorrow for a new weekly challenge! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

A little touch of blue....

Top: J.Crew
Skirt:Old Navy (on sale at Park City outlet 40% off)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Necklace: TJ Maxx
Bracelets: F21, Gift from Husband,TJ Maxx
Purse(I use as diaper bag): Target

I am finally home! It was sad leaving a city that I love but more exciting coming home to a Husband! Now its the part I don't like... unpacking. It gets worse, I have to unpack only to pack again for our family reunion which is where Hadlee is right now. Can't wait to see that little face! 
Hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

{guest post} Something brought you here.....

Hey guys! 
 I am still out of town {come home late tonight} which I can't wait. I miss Pete and Hadlee way too much! However, New York has been a blast. Shopping here is amazing which is always a plus can't wait to show you all my great finds! Today I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite blogs. I have known Whitney since jr. High and just love her. I have grown to love her sister-in-law just as much from reading their blog. It's a one stop blog, it has everything from fashion, recipes, crafts, and just their silly life's. Hope you guys will check it out I am sure you'll fall just as in love with them as I am!
Hello there! Fancy meeting you guys here on Ms. Mallory's gorgeous fashion blog! Seriously, this girls got style. Anyway, We are Whitney & Nicole from Something Brought You Here.  We are two sister(s) in law who one day decided it might be fun to start a blog together, so we did. Whitney is a stay at home mom to the {cutest} little girl and Nicole is a dental hygiene assistant by day and hopeless romantic by night. Thanks to Mal for letting us guest post for her today. We thought we would share with you our tips on how to have a good relationship with your sister in law.

#1- Let Loose, laugh alot, be silly oh- and always do a "jumping" picture on every family vacation.

#2- Be there to cheer eachother on.

#3- Have Birthdays that are only 3 days apart.

#4- Share the good and the bad.

Good=Yummy Watermelon from the Farmers Market           Bad=Double Salt Black Licorice
 #5-  Have girls day out, craft nights, & sleepovers together where you stay up late watching The Vampire Diaries.

After all that you should feel more like sisters than sisters in law. If these tips don't help you out we aren't sure what will. Ok, one last tip:

Start a blog together and love every minute of it:

Whitney & Nicole

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{guest post} Happiness is.....

So to start out lets just say I love being married and being a mom..... seriously wouldn't trade it for the world. However, I do have those days where I wish I could go back to my college days. Seriously, I have no regrets {except dating stupid boys}. I lived it up. I had no fears. Hardly any responsibilities. And I played Hard. One of my favorite blogs is Sara from 'Happiness is'. I have known her for many years now and she is such a cute and fun girl. Her blog makes me sure miss my college days! Follow along and I am sure you'll be hooked just like me.

Hey all you cute readers of 'A Girls Kind of Therapy!' My name is Sara over at Happiness Is... I am pretty darn excited to be guest posting. Mallory is amazing which is quite obvious if you read her adorable blog. I have known her ever since I was little. She lived right down the street from me and ever since I have known her she as always been a fashionista. Whenever I need fashion ideas I always consult her blog.

My blog is about my typical life trying to survive college and holding on to my happiness. my life is full of hacking my roommates Facebook, shopping, youtube videos, family, boys and all the little daily thing that seem like happiness according to me. let me give you an example...Happiness to me is:

// orange juice. i could honestly drink gallons of it
// imagine dragons. i woke up listening to them, listened to them in the shower, listened to them on the way home, while i was running errands and I'm still listening to them. i can't seem to stop!
// kittens. maybe one day i will be one of those ladies. but as of now i just like to admire them.
// typing. i find it enjoyable, i try to have a competition with myself on how fast i can type.
// sweet afternoon naps
// shopping. i might be an addict
// cardigans and boots. i could wear them for the rest of my life and be satisfied.
// TOMS TOMS TOMS. they are all i seem to wear during summer and fall
// chewing gum i love the most
// family, they are 100% important to me
// when i wake up from the sun shining through my windows
// the sound of breaking a peppermint patty in half
// and tons of other things...

i hope you can all keep track of your happiness and maybe come follow along while i find mine! it tends to be contagious. so don't be afraid to pop over and say hello! id love it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Can't imagine.....

Dress: Target
Vest: Old Navy
Shoes:Dolce Vita
Necklace: Target
Watch:Michael Kors

I didn't pick the greatest day to fly into NYC {September 11th}. I couldn't stop thinking about the people on those flights. Prayers are with their families on this historic day. Our hotel is right next to ground zero, many families are gathered around to remember. So sad.

On a happier note, this city is just the way I left it.... Amazing!