Monday, January 28, 2013

Sports on a new level....

I hope you guys all had great weekend.
I spent my weekend hanging out with my two buddies {Had's & Pete}. Satarday, husband and I got to go on a date with just us two which doesn't happen that often so we took full advantage and went shopping, to dinner & the Jazz game. Of course, I had to get all geared up in Jazz gear and ask my husband to pick me out one of his Jazz attire. This is what I got which is a shirt on him and a dress on me.... this is how I made it work.

The game was great, going into overtime and the Jazz winning.
Go Jazz!
Again, I hope you guys all had a fun and exciting weekend. Here's to a new week!
Peace out


  1. In last last photo I can't stop seeing the guy in the background...too funny! :)


  2. love how u doll up a jersey! i love it :) oh and for whatever reason I totally just thought of this..but do u know how much u look like ali from the bachelorette? gorgeous :)

    XO Meghan

  3. You totally do look like ali the bachelorette!! thanks for the comment! I commented back & followed :)! hopefully you will follow as welll it would be an honor! xoxo


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