Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why so much stress......

There is one day I stress each year.
That days happens to be picture day!
Why oh Why is it so stressful you may ask. I can't figure that out myself. Last night my side of the family which contained 19 Adults & 19 Kids decided to finally get family pictures done which I am sure you can imagine what it was like. I stress over family pictures with just my little family. There is just too much to stress about this event such as what to wear which is the #1 thing of course, keeping your kids clean from food, dirt, explosions until pictures are done, hoping that you are standing at the right angle so you don't look like you just ate a turkey dinner, keeping everyone in a good mood, and just the fact it feels like a one short thing. Is it just me feeling this way about picture?
Yesterday husband wasn't able to get off work early so I was left to get myself and Hadlee ready all by myself, which these days it isn't the easiest being that she can't hold still long enough to get her dressed. Not to mention I was out all afternoon looking for our outfits because of course I left it for the last minute. Sad thing is, I think its the stress that causes people from not getting family pictures done as offend as we would want.
 Has anyone figured out how to make this not so stressful? If so send your thoughts my way because I obviously haven't figured it out!

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