Monday, August 13, 2012

My Fall Wish List + Challenge.....

Happy Monday!
Yup, its another week and I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend cause I know I sure did!
Well since today is Monday that means….
Time for a new challenge!
This weekend I attempted to clean out my closet. This is a very difficult chore for me because I can’t get ride of clothes. I just can't! I swear every time I finally part with an article of clothing it is always coming back in style and I find myself on a hunt to find one just like it. However, because I am a clothes hoarder I find many articles of clothing getting dust on them from sitting in my closet. So that being said I bet you can all guess what the challenge is this week!
Week 2:
This weeks Challenge is to dust off those unworn clothes that you have had in your closet for at least a year or more and show those babies off!!
Tone back in on Friday to see the results to what might be a hot mess!

On a little more exciting note, I may be getting a little more exciting for fall after finding these beauties! These are some of the items on my fall wish list, whats on yours?

My fall shoe list

fall must

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