Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So I have been asked, how do you choose what to wear everyday?
Some days are harder then others when choosing a outfit. I used to try on about 50 different things until deciding on the perfect outfit. But my husband can testify that I have gotten better. I usually start by picking out the bottoms. By picking out the bottoms that tells me which top is going to work and which direction I want to take the look. Some days I do start with my top if I have a particular one I know I want to wear. After pairing the two together then I move on with shoes & accessories, can't forget about those accessories. Take a glance at the mirror...maybe a couple of those and out the door I go!
Not going to lie, sometimes I hate the outfit I have on when I leave the house , some days I look down and say, "this so doesn't go. Some days, I am a major hot mess. But to be honest as long as you have the confidence in wearing what you are then whatever it is that you are wearing will look beautiful! At least that what I believe!
Peace out!

Pants: Old Navy
Blazer:Cotton On

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