Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Child Style

 Dressing & Shopping for Hadlee is just as much fun as it is for myself. However, these days I am starting to realize how fast she is growing and that when buying something I will probably only get a good couple of wears out of it before she is ready to move up a size {Can she just stay small forever please?} 
I have also realized that buying kids clothes is a lot different then adults. If I am at the store and see a cute cheap shirt for myself I can buy it and at time it will last me a couple of years. However, with kids that is different. With them playing in dirt, getting their lunch all over, running through the water fully clothed the washing process gets treated a little differently. Cheap clothes don't last so much. So although certain clothes may cost a little extra $$$ at times they are worth it because of the quality. But I also like to buy those cheap clothes to throw on her for when I know she is going to be outside running threw the dirt it worth it.
I also think sometime it is hard to think outside of the box with kids. I have been looking for a belt for Hads the last little while and the other day I decided to try one of mine on her. Yes, I did have to wrap it around her twice but hey.... it worked and you couldn't even tell. Hope you enjoy and have fun dressing your little ones as much as I do!

P.S Could this little girl get any cuter... I think not!

Shirt: H &M
Shorts: Old Navy
Boots: Target (end of season 2 years ago)
Belt: Moms

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  1. I believe the belt is mine or one like it. She looks so cute and like she is a little fashion model. Like daughter like mother.


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