Monday, August 27, 2012

{Monday's Challenge}

Monday! Monday! Monday!
Not so much my favorite day except for the fact that its time for a new challenge.
Now just to get this straight I do not sew.....I have tried and tried. I wish I could say that I make my own clothes because seriously how cool would that be to make something that no one else had. In order to do that you would need some mad skills which I obviously lack big time. I can barely saw a straight line and that's after I have to have my mom thread the machine. Sad thing is, one of my goals in life is to learn to saw.  I got  a big problems there!
Week 4:
I challenge myself and ALL of you to make something this week that you can wear... ANYTHING! And of course you have to wear it!
Little nervous about this challenge and just warning you now, this may be ugly! :)
Hope you enjoy your week!

{P.S Thanks so all my readers, I have had amazing support this last month. I would love your feedback, anything that you want me to cover, challenges you want to throw at me, and any advice you can give. Either comment or email! I really appreciate you all!}


  1. Hey, here's my feedback.... I LOVE your blog. You and your style are so freaking adorable! Can I put a link on FB? I know lots of people that would enjoy it as much as me!
    -Brooke (Sharp) Peterson

  2. I love your style. I wish I was creative and had style sense like you do... This is a stupid request probably but I love scarfs with outfits and I can't pull it off maybe it's the way I wear them but any tips how to pull off scarfs and any places you like to buy their scarfs etc. I know dumb..

  3. Brooke you are so sweet! Thank so much, and of course I don't mind at all if you post it on FB. And Katie, its not dumb at all, I seriously use to feel the same about scarfs. Its a great idea!


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