Friday, May 22, 2015

Can't part with them?!....

Skirt: F21 (Very old.... we are talkin 10 years old :/) Tee: Target // Sandals: Target // Jacket: H&M // Necklace: The Travelers Hart // Sunglasses: Nordstroms

I have mentioned it before... I even did a post about it HERE.
If you are like me, you have lost pieces of clothing... in your OWN closet. However, not entirely. I try to go through my closet at least once a year to see if there are things that are just too worn out or those few things that no matter if it ever comes back in style you swear to yourself you will never be caught dead in it. I once did that with all my OVERALLS.... no way were those EVER going to come back in style. Well, if you haven't seen, they totally are back. AND I want some!! Haven't been able to find the perfect ones yet but I am on the hunt.
Anyway, back to what I was talking about, those lost items. Although, I try to get ride of stuff there are those few items that even though I haven't worn it 10+ years, I just can't part with. This skirt being one. Not that I thought it was out of style ( not many styles of skirts go out of style, which is WHY I love them) but because it wasn't one of those things that caught my eye. I never knew what top to wear it with which made it just keep getting pushed further back into my closet. 
Well, I was determined to wear something I hadn't for a while so I put it on, threw on a shirt that I didn't care if it matched or not and LOVED IT! 
So, I challenge you!
Just tell yourself that you are going to wear that one shirt or dress that you just can't give up. It's just for a day and if by the end of that day you didn't love it.... chuck it. You will probably discover a new love for it and put it back into your closet for another 10 years! Oh well.... Your husbands side of the closet still has room right???

Happy Friday, hope you enjoy your long weekend!!


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