Friday, September 23, 2016

First Day of Fall..

Jeans: Target // Tee: Target // Jacket: Gap // Flats: NineWest via TJ Maxx // Sunglasses: Ray Bans // Scarf: Old (probably from like 7th Grade when I dressed up as a cowgirl. lol)

Well if you live in Utah then you know Fall showed its true colors for the first day of Fall. It didn't hold back. I am praying just a little that it's not a sign of how the rest of Fall is going to go as well as Winter. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Fall but.... not the rainy and freezing side of it.... save that for the Winter. However, this weather does make me excited for Fall fashion trends. I love the scarf trend that is coming back.... well for me at least it is. I sorta feel like a cowgirl or a flight attendant but I secretly like it. It just adds that little something to a simple look. I am also currently obsessing over the lace up ballet flats..... (HEART EYES x 100)

Last night we kicked off Fall at my daughters Fall Festival. We almost got blown away by the wind but the kids didn't mind and would have stayed there all night if we let them. 
Hope you guys are excited for Fall as much as I am.
Have a great weekend!


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