Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Remember me....

Well I am back!!
 I sorta, kinda fell off the face of the earth according to the blogging world. What happen you may asked. Well I got pregnant, moved into a house, was working full time, and running my toddler to school, dance, activities and most days I may have just stayed in my sweats all day. But I must say I missed it... ALOT. I actually continued to take pictures here and there but never found the time to post them.
I loved doing this blog, I loved sharing with my readers about the awesome deal I got on a pair of shoes, or how I transitioned husbands clothes into something that I could wear. Cause lets face it... sharing that kind of stuff with our husbands isn't all that fun. At least for me that is. The reaction I get from him after telling him about a awesome deal I got is, "Is that even a deal?" I also loved loved loved reading all of the amazing blogs. I found so much inspiration from other bloggers and realized that no matter how pretty someone is, or how much money and "stuff" they have, we are all on the crazy journey called life and we all choose to live it differently which is why there is something to learn from everyone!
So I am back at this whole blogging world! I can't promise that I will post daily, nor can I promise I won't have baby food stains on my shirt some days but I will try my hardest to not fall off the face of the earth again!

Button up: American Eagle // Vest: TJ Maxx (Similar here) // Pants: Old Navy // Boots: Target {on sale} // Watch: Target


  1. How fun to see you back! I love this combo, I wear my herringbone vest like crazy!

  2. Welcome back! Great outfit. I immediately fell in love with your boots. I wondered if you would like to follow each other via GFC. Let me know on my blog. That would be really awesome! :)


  3. YAY!! glad you're back, Mal!!!

  4. I totally get it - husbands are definitely not that fun to share outfits with :) Glad you decided to come back to the blogging world - it really is so much fun! Love the vest layered over the plaid!

  5. Haha husbands just don't get it sometimes! Welcome back! Can't wait to get to know you and your style more :)

    Fishbowl Fashion

  6. Such a pretty look - the plaid and vest go perfectly together!

  7. So glad you are back! I couldn't believe it when you were at the top of my blog roll again. You look great and I've always loved your style. Welcome back!


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