Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane.....

Bottoms: H&M // Tee: Cotton On // Sweater: Old Navy // Tennies: Converse // Watch: Target // Bag: Louis Vuitton {barrowed from Mom}

Packing for a trip used to be a nightmare. My intentions were always to be organized about it but always procrastinated it till the hour before running out the door which always ended in over packing! This past year I have learned a lot and am proud to say I can travel with ONLY a carry on. This is a world record for me, I was the girl that took 2 full size bag for a weekend getaway.
With that being said, the hardest things for me to decide on is my travel day outfit. Especially when you are changing climate. You want layers but not the layers that you will have to end up taking off and hauling around the airports and trying to shove under your seat leaving you no leg room for your 5 hour flight. {Can you tell this has happened a time or two?}

Last week we returned home from the most amazing trip in which I felt that I finally scored on my outfit choice. I decided to go with some comfy colored bottoms, loose tee and a light and comfy sweater, finished off with some chucks. I don't forget around your over sized purse that you can basically shove a extra 5 outfits in just in case.....

Whats your favorite things to wear as you travel day outfit?
Am I the only one has this problem?

Hope you guys are having a great Tusday!


  1. I love this casual look, those jeans are so cute on you!

  2. The green skinnies are FaBuLoUs!!!
    Adrienne @ myblackwhitecolor.blogspot.com

  3. Ahhhh love the colour of your pants! You look amazing :)


  4. Aren't chucks the best travel shoes? I am going on my fourth pair, haha! Packing everything on a carry-on is the biggest accomplishment. (Husband pilots always pressure to pack light, am I right?!)

  5. You look great. I love traveling in a little black cotton dress, leggings, a scarf & a sweater. Shoes I have still yet to master :)


  6. Love this outfit! Comfy, casual and cute!


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